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  • Memphis Photo Booth Rentals For Businesses:

    Are you looking to bring life to your company’s event or party?  Check out the Memphis Photo Booth Rental Services offered by Memphis Foto Booth, a division of iStudio 901 Photography.

    Utilizing photo booths as part of your company marketing is a significant factors in growing your business.  In addition, our booths will attract your customers right off.  It captures their attention as they are trying to figure out why they would spend time at your booth.  Have you ever been at a Memphis Grizzlies or Memphis Tigers game where they may have had a photo booth setup to engage visitors?  This is mainly because the photo booth brings in more awareness of their product.  Static images hanging from the ceilings or on the walls really don’t.  Therefore, whether it is promoting Memphis news or even the Memphis weather, call us.  Our photo booths rentals provide the best in helping to brand your company.

    Memphis Photo Booth Rentals

    Our Photo Booth Event Marketing Photography Services is not trying to be in the 21st century. We are already there with our stylish and modern photo booths.  That’s where our Memphis Foto Booth by iStudio 901 kicks in. Let’s also lay out a fact. Not keeping up with the newer technology can have a detrimental effect on your business. We at iStudio 901 would not want that because we care equally for your business as you do.  Are you are wondering what that is all about? Give us a chance to explain and let you decide for yourself.

    Photo Booth Event Marketing Photography Services comprises of multiple photos placed on a company branded card.  This will give your customer or a possible prospect a view of your company in a different perspective.  With our branding techniques, it puts them within your business. Sounds interesting already?

    Let’s share some of the advantages of our Memphis Photo Booth Rental Services.

    1. It will increase the user engagement and sales: Customers will spend more time at your booth.  This increases the chances of them doing business with your company, and our branded photo prints give more to see than a regular image or static handout.
    2. Customer Experience: First of all, it promotes your company as providing a fun experience for the customer. It entices the customers to view themselves within your brand before they decide to buy it. As they see their printed pictures on your branded card, they become more aware of your brand.  Hardly anyone will throw away their picture.  Customers trash business cards and flyers in due time.  This happens sometimes before they even get out of the door.  In-store purchases can be a little dubious if something is packed in a box and a customer can’t see it. Your customer or potential customers will tend to view your brand for days, months, and years.  This makes them more than likely to have your company in mind when they decide on your product versus your competitor’s product.  This helps your company to always be in their mindset.
    3. Your Image Is Everything: Using photo booths, your professional image is suddenly changed in the eyes of the public. You are marketing, unlike your competitors. That, in turn, helps to create a higher level of demand for a customer to learn more about your business. It keeps them in your attention for a longer period of time.  That is the kind of marketing influence that a photo booth has, and how it can do your business marketing efforts.
    4. Productivity: Photo Booth Photos are more productive than conventional photography or marketing especially when it comes to selling a product. They keep you branded in the eyes of the customer.

    We Can Help You Market

    We at iStudio 901/Memphis Foto Booth know how indispensable the role of marketing is in your business. Rest assured, we have just the right expertise and professional tools that your company would need, and we know how the job is done when it comes to our Photo Booth Event Marketing Photography Services.

    In conclusion, we shared above in ONE of the advantages of this kind of Photography. However, it is imperative for the customer to stay for a longer duration at your event or trade show booth and for them to have fun.  Include this type of inclusive photography,  and your customer will not go elsewhere to shop if they see the right product with no hidden corners making an informed decision.

    Are you looking to book a photo booth for your next event? Please give us a call at (901) 308-4238.

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