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  • Memphis Photo Booth Rentals – FAQs

  • WHY US?

    The Memphis Foto Booth is a portable booth with fantastic lighting that can easily be set up by one person in under 10 minutes. Hire the booth for 1 day to multiple days or even take the booth to your event abroad. Our affordable booth will keep your guests entertained for hours with printed custom designed photo strips, social media postings, or email uploads. The best part is that we provide an attendant to stand with the booth, and your guests have fun…it’s that easy!

    The fun isn't over there…1-2 days after your event we upload all your images to your very own online gallery where you and your guests will still be able to access your images. 
    Pretty cool right!


    Q. What is Memphis Foto Booth?

    A. The Memphis Foto Booth is a great photo booth service delivered straight to your location. Choose from either a photo, video slow motion, or Gif booth for your event at an affordable cost. After the event we break it all down, clean up if there is litter in the area, pack up, and away we go. If your venue has Wi-Fi you can turn the booth into a fully functioning social photo or GIF booth, this allows you to upload your photos or GIF’s to Facebook, Twitter and Email.

    Q. What events can Memphis Foto Booth be hired for?
    A. ANY EVENT!!! Our booths are great for weddings, parties, proms, corporate and commercial events. No matter how small or big the event, our booths will create an awesome atmosphere and bring endless fun. You can hire our booths anywhere in the Memphis and Surrounding areas.

    Q. Does the Memphis Foto Booth come with an attendant?
    A. Yes.  Our attendant is only there to help guide your participants.  Other than that the booths software and technology was designed to be easily set up and operated by anyone. So simple, so easy and super fun! #hasslefree
    Q. How many people can I get in the booth?
    A. There are no limits to how many people you can fit in…we challenge you to the world’s largest group selfie!  However, a lot depends upon your space and how crowded you want the space to be.

    Q. Does the Memphis Foto Booth come with a backdrop or props?
    A. Our booths can come with basic backdrops for what we have in stock.  We can also help you design and have printed a backdrop specifically for your event.  We have tubs of props and wacky signs, and you also can create your own. Please have a look at our site for inspiration. Grab a friend or 10 and crowd around the booth and smile and pose….we promise it is just the same fun! 

    Q. Can I buy one for my venue?
    A. Absolutely, please inquire about such to istudio901@gmail.com.  



    Q. Should we set up the booth a day before the event?
    A. No.  The booth can be setup very quickly.  Usually our attendant will arrive about an hour before the event starts.  The booth itself is setup in about 10 minutes or less.  Then the background is setup if you do not already have a designated background.  During the additional time, our attendant is basically metering the light to ensure that photos will turn out great and also testing printing for a problem-free event. 

    Q. What are the electricity requirements for the Luna booth?
    A. You just need one standard plug point as close to the area as possible.
    Q. Will there be a problem if our event is on the 5th floor?
    A. No, each booth only weigh 30-40 lbs in its travel case and even less out with. It's very lightweight, portable and hassle free.
    Q. Do I need consent from guest/users when using social media integration?
    A. Yes it is your responsibility to receive consent from your guests before posting their images. Memphis Photo Booth is not responsible for your content posted online.


    Q. What is included in the hire?

    A. full day/night use of the Memphis Photo Booth for the number of hours rented. Delivery and pick up is also included within the price. You will also have your very own unique gallery created as well as onsite prints for you and your guests.

    Q. How long does setup take?
    A. 10 minutes…if that! Unbuckle the booth, plug in the components, plug the power cable into a power point and turn on…it really is that simple!  If you have Wi-Fi at your event simply connect the booth to the network and you and your guests can start sharing all your images live.

    Q. How does the booth work?
    A. Once the attendant sets up the booth, all guests have to do is to touch the screen to start, pose & smile, then your print or digital file or GIF will then be created. You can then choose from a selection of fantastic backgrounds (or custom created) enhancing your photo or GIF. If connected to the venues WIFI, you can send your photos or GIF’s to Facebook, Twitter and Email. If you do not have WIFI, not to worry your guests can still send their images via Email where they will automatically send when the booth is back in a WIFI area. 

    Q. Does the Memphis Foto Booth require WIFI?
    A.  Guests can upload their photos or GIF’s to Facebook, Twitter or email if there is a Wi-Fi connection. If there is no WIFI connection then the booth will still work without the Wi-Fi and guests can still send the images via Email, where they will automatically send when the booth is back in a WIFI area.


    Q. Can you do different print layouts or GIF styles?
    A.  Yes please see our different styles on the our print selection page of the site.

    Q. What are our options for printing photos?
    A.  We offer unlimited printing of photos.  We can print to the 2x6 photo strips or to 4x6 photos.  Your photos can also be custom designed at no extra charge to brand your company or event.

    Q. What is a GIF?
    A. GIF stands for “Graphical Interchange Format” which in short means a combination of still images taken to create an animated image file. The Memphis Photo Booth GIF booth will take a series of images one after the other turning them into a GIF format. This then becomes a short animation and makes the images look like they are moving….we just love them!

    Q. Do we get unlimited photos or GIFs?
    A.  Yes you get unlimited digital photos or GIF’s with all of our hires. You will also be sent a link to all your digital images from the event for no extra cost.

    Q. Can I choose to have branding on my prints or GIFs?
    A.  Absolutely! When you book our photo or GIF booths we will ask what you would like on your photo or GIFs. Simply send in your logo or design and our graphic designers will help create the look you want.

    Q. Can I have color or black and white digital prints?

    A. Absolutely, with our custom software there is a fantastic range of photo effects to choose from.
    Q. Does the digital printout have to be white?
    A. Not at all. You can have any color of your choice, along with your own text or logo. We can create a completely unique digital printout tailored specifically for your event.
    Q. Does the Memphis Foto Booth print?
    A. Our portable social booths print live at events.  In addition we offer a fantastic print service after your event as well. You will also be sent a link to all your digital images from the event for no extra cost.

    Q. How will I be able to view all of the photos from the event?
    A. All images will be placed on our web gallery 1-2 days after the event. You will also be sent a link to all your digital images from the event for no extra cost. 
    Q. Who owns the pictures and photo rights from each event?
    A. iStudio 901, parent company of Memphis Foto Booth has sole ownership of all photos taken and processed from every event.
    Q. Why is there a water mark on my images online?
    A. We apply a water mark on our online galleries but don’t worry when you purchase a download or product this will be removed.
    Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
    A.  Yes, A minimum 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking or if the date is 1 year or more from the date the booking is made a 25% deposit is required. As soon as the deposit is paid to us, we will then reserve your date. A confirmation email will be sent upon full payment of the deposit. The product for hire will only be reserved once the deposit has been received. 3 days before your event we will contact you for the remaining balance.

    Q. What happens if full payment is not made prior to my event?
    A. The full balance of the booking must be paid 3 days prior to the delivery date along with any extra costs that have been agreed. We will send an email confirming the date and delivery details along with the full balance invoice. It is your responsibility to ensure these details are correct. If you think any of the details are incorrect in the final confirmation email you must inform us as soon as possible. If we cannot get in contact with you, then your booking will be cancelled and additional cost will occur.

    Q. What if I cancel my booking, what happens to my deposit?

    A. Your deposit is non-refundable, however the date can be changed if you notify us at least 2 weeks prior to your existing booking date please read our terms and conditions.

    Q. Do you have public liability insurance?
    A. Yes absolutely, if you require a copy please ask