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  • Packages and Prices

  • Are you ready to have fun?  We offer:
    • 2 Hours Minimum of Photo Time
    • Unlimited visits to the Booth
    • Max 2 prints per visit
    • Huge supply of props
    • Online Gallery of Photos
    • Have any background of your Choice
    • Slow Motion Video, Photos, or GIFs, Green Screen
    • Trained photo booth attendant will be there at all times
    • Free custom print templates for your photos

  • Kids Parties

    Ever thought of hiring a photobooth for your kids party? The photobooth is most suitable for kids 4 and up, but they can also be used by younger kids with parent supervision or maybe with the parent holding the younger children. We are able to do kids parties up to 5:00 P.M. on Saturdays and Sundays only.

  • Weddings

    For weddings, Memphis Foto Booth has never overlooked the importance of a candid photograph. While posed photographs at the church and ceremony are always beautiful, you’ll want to remember your reception and have pictures of all your guests enjoying themselves, especially at a party you worked so hard to plan. Also, don’t forget to Memphis Photo Booth the minute the groom pops the question – we love a good engagement party.

    For weddings, we can also include a digital Guest Sign in whereas we can capture your guests as they enter the church or reception hall, have them to take a quick picture and sign it!  It can make your event a very fun one!  These can also be printed later in an album.  Call us today and book for your wedding.

  • Business Events

    Our booths are the perfect tools to raise your profile as a business. Alongside the fun factor, our booths have some very intelligent technology, it allows you to capture information on how your business is viewed in the eyes of both the public and also your employees. We can offer multiple choice surveys with touch screen answers and also video comments to see where you are excelling as well as where improvements may be needed. Of course you can just book it to take funny photos of the boss in a wig, you will be thrilled with the results either way.

    With our booths being so versatile we can customize both the booth and it's functionality to make it suitable to your event. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    From launch parties and charity events to wedding fairs and award ceremonies, Memphis Foto Booth is exactly the thing you need to take your event to the next level.

  • Special Events

    Your event is special!  Why not capture the fun moments of your many guests?  Our photo booths come with tons of props...  We have over two big tub size containers overflowing with more props than your guest will use.  In addition, we have lots and lots of handheld party catch words that get your guests excited!  Call us today to provide Photo Booth Services to your special event.  We can also cover it with traditional photography.

  • Family & Class Reunions

    When is the last time you had a family reunion?  With the advent of social media, family reunions are diminishing as people are able to be in contact with those far away on a daily basis.  However, when the time does come for your family reunion, wouldn't it be nice to have a themed family reunion and archive your family pictures?  Call us for our solutions for family reunions!

  • High School Events

    We offer photo booths for many high school events:
    • Proms
    • Graduations
    • Sports Banquets
    • Awards Ceremonies
    • Parties

    Call us today to see how we can help enhance your high school event.  In addition if a photographer is needed to actually cover the details of your event, then we can also provide such!

  • Our Package Rates

    Our rates are simple:

    First 2 Hours:  $495

    Each Additional Hour:  $100

    Where else can you find a better deal with professional photographers, trained attendants, unlimited photos, tons of props, and a whole lot of fun?  Call us today for your next event!!!